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Occasion of Jubilee for Celebration:



The 70th Anniversary of Birthday of


Academician Arif Mammad HASHIMOV


Baku, Azerbaijan




The 70th anniversary of birthday of Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Scientist, State Prize Winner and Academician of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences - ANAS (Baku, Azerbaijan), Arif Mammad oglu HASHIMOV will be on September 28, 2019.


Arif M. HASHIMOV has worked at Laboratory of Electrophysics, Institute of Physics of ANAS after graduation from Faculty of Energetics, Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry (Baku, Azerbaijan) and currently he is the Head of Laboratory of High-Voltage Techniques and Physics at Institute of Physics of ANAS.


Arif M. HASHIMOV was granted of the State Prize of Azerbaijan in 1978 for his activities in the field of neutral regime in high-voltage networks. He was also named as Honored Scientist of Azerbaijan in 2005 by decree of President of Azerbaijan. He was elected as Academician of ANAS in 2007 and also was in position of the First Vice President of ANAS from 2007 till 2013. He was also the Director of Institute of Physics of ANAS from 2002 till 2009.


Arif M. HASHIMOV is known as a Scientist in the field of Electrophysics and High-Voltage Techniques. He developed the evaluation method for wave processes in combined networks which further were used for short circuit limitation, limitation of over voltages in case of ferroresonance. His research in transient ferroresonance modeling was used in circuitry of distribution arrangement of 400 kV DC module on high-voltage power lines of the USSR and Finland.


Academician Arif M. HASHIMOV has developed researches in designing and application of high-voltage pulse generator in nanosecond band, superconductive materials for short circuit limitation and also frequency dependent resistors for overvoltage limitation in electrical networks. He also developed theoretical and experimental research maps of lightening density and used them for designing lightening protection measures.


Under management of Professor Arif M. HASHIMOV the model of improved fuzzy power controllers for reactive power compensation of high-voltage lines during charging of shunt reactors were proposed. At the present time he is supervising theoretical and experimental activities in this field at the Laboratory of High-Voltage Techniques and Physics of Institute of Physics and also Azerbaijan Scientific Research and Design Survey Institute of Energetics. Fundamental researches conducted by Academician Arif M. HASHIMOV gain further development of his students including 4 Doctors of Technical Science (Professor) and 15 Ph.D.


Arif M. HASHIMOV is a Full Professor at Azerbaijan State Institute of Oil and Industry and Azerbaijan Technical University. He is also the Chief Editor of Power Engineering Problems Journal (Baku, Azerbaijan). He is also one of the founders and chairman of the annual International Conference on “Physical and Technical Problems of Electrical Engineering” (ICTPE) which is organized and supported by International Organization of IOTPE with scientific partners from Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Romania, Spain, Northern Cyprus and Norway since 2002. He and his colleagues developed their joint scientific cooperation and released International Journal of IJTPE and also published books in International Enterprise of IETPE all under supervision of the IOTPE.


At the present time, Academician Arif M. HASHIMOV is an advisor for the President of “Azerenerji” Joint Stock Company (Baku, Azerbaijan) and Director of Azerbaijan Scientific Research and Design Survey Institute of Energetics (Baku, Azerbaijan). His publications contain 353 papers in national and international conferences and journals, 4 monographers, 15 patents and some patent applications.


We extend our sincere congratulations on the occasion of jubilee for celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Birthday of Academician Arif M. HASHIMOV and wish him good health and also happiness in all his scientific and teaching activities and new creative achievements.



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